Standing out Innovating Crossing borders Travelling Discovering cultures Making them your own

Each of these words translates the values,  the "raison d'être", of 6th Horizon that is in our products and business choices.

Because we all have a story to tell

6th Horizon is reinventing the tradition by offering high quality and hybrid products that link the past with the present, tradition with contemporary.

The blend is in the fabrics: our colourful poufs and our bold cushions are made in Wax prints, a warm fabric, originally from Indonesia and imported into Africa in the 19th century.

Respecting the know-how of the artisans

The tradition transmitted in the know-how of our artisans is our proof of quality and authenticity. The originality of our creations and their modern touch are in the cut and design of our products, developed to energize contemporary interiors.

In order to offer a quality finish, we guarantee a 100% hand-made production: every item is meticulously handcrafted in the Ivory Coast by experienced artisans and stuffed with care in Canada to ensure maximum comfort.

We are social

Standing out is also about having business practices that make us proud. We are are responsible company that chooses its partners with care. We specifically support hiring women and hope that everyone who contributes to the creation of our products can thrive and share our passion .

It is up to you to stand out. To make our creations your own.

Enter our world, one that brings together a blended aesthetic and contemporary design, by visiting our online boutique.