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I was born in Cameroon of a French mother and a Cameroonian father. I started university in Aix-en-Provence and finished post-graduation in Canada, where I live for 7 years now … Away from home? Maybe … But how many are we to be born somewhere and to grow up elsewhere? How many of us are attracted by another language, another culture and another country as ours? How many of us are on Earth to explore it and to explore ourselves?

The mixture is not just racial. It is cultural, architectural, musical, pictorial, clothing, sculpture etc. I live in a changing world and that allows me to discover my peers across the world with a click. The world in which I live opens its doors to me and told me that everything is intellectually accessible and my discoveries continually shaping my identity for the better.

Through 6th Horizon, I deliver the mixture that is my world . I give you access to products that invite you to discover other cultures, other tissues, other printed, other habits. I offer you the opportunity to travel, enrich your daily life and stand out by creating the mixed horizon that suits you!

Happy exploring!



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