A blended aesthetic, a contemporary design

A team of multiple talents

Maryline Nkoa
Hello there, I am the founder of 6th Horizon. I am a responsible consumer and a dedicated and committed entrepreneur. Through 6th Horizon, I’m addressing the cultural mix that is my world. I want to introduce you to products that invite you to discover other cultures, other materials, other prints & patterns, other habits.

More about me
Stéphanie Gaudreault
I'm graphic designer very creative and highly imaginative who always knows how to find innovative solutions to the challenges I face. I am passionate about my job and about almost everything I am surrounded by. I started my business in 2007 and established in 2014, the first center of coworking cooperative, Koala Area. My sense of ressources and my thirst for knowledge make me a curious young businesswoman always evolving.
Cynthia Bond
Visual artist and passionate about design, I was in charge of creatingand producing a photoshoot decor destined to be use for 6horizon.com visual and the website. I had the pleasure to orchestrate a casual atmosphere to enhance the ethnic and contemporary aspect of each item. I hope the series of photos that I realized will touches so many globetrotters,lovers of crafts and as well as all the perfectionists out there.
Myriam Mody
Marketing professional, I am a passionate of the African continent and everything related to the Internet. Lover of life, I share my time between my dreams and my activities around my two passions. At 6e horizon, I do communication & PR. I believe in the project because it’s the mirror of the world in which I live: multicultural and vibrant.
Nadine Tchepannou
I founded Saudad in 2015 to help SMEs increase their online presence and take advantage of the opportunities the digital world has to offer. I am a Digital Nomad with a passion for international development. Collaborating with 5th Horizon was the opportunity to work with a company that promotes art, mixity and social justice.